It all begins with planning ahead with
Yeon & Nature for the right natural birthing

Begin with right antenatal care.

Pre-Birth Care and Delivery

Pre-Birth Care and Delivery

Start your pre-birth healthcare at Yeon& Nature for a better childbirth. Pregnancy can be an enjoyable journey, as warm care provided by sensitive female M.D.s is combined with your excitement and expectations for the baby and childbirth. A properly executed pre-birth healthcare is an essential stage to building trust with the medical team, and all staff at Yeon& Nature is dedicated to deliver honest and accurate information to our patients and mothers.

Hospital Visit for Healthy Pregnancy and Pre-Birth Care

산과학 Textbooks recommend at least 8 visits to the doctor during pregnancy in order to guarantee healthy pre-birth care.
Consulting doctors can allow mothers to obtain valuable information about changes during pregnancy, their own concerns
and inquiries. Pre-birth care used to be another word for sonogram time, to check if the baby is alive and kicking.
Yeon& Nature provides systematic pre-birth care, firmly rooted in textbook but making sure our mothers receive
all-encompassing guidelines not limited to consultations on 태교 and 운동 that assures safe and healthy pregnancyr
from beginning till the end.

kangaroo Care House

kangaroo Care House

Close care, rest, learn

Created to foucs on childbirth, bonding
and breastfeeding

Designed delicately to be able to focus

English speaking staff

Providing an environment such as family room, breastfeeding to increase family attachment.