Kangaroo care house

We encourage parents to bond with their infants
by rooming in and caring for their newborns after delivery.
We're nationally known for our breastfeeding support and encourage skin-to-skin care.

Why kangaroo care is great for newborns?

Why kangaroo care is great for newborns?

Kangaroo care is not only limited in the birthing process.
Your baby come to life only believe in your absolute love and care.
The most important thing your baby need is just love.
Kangaroo care, named for the similarity to how certain marsupials carry their young,
is a technique of newborn care where babies are kept skin-to-skin with a parent.
It is commonly developed to care for preterm infants in the US and the EU countries.


The perfect space for your own family

At "Kangaroo care house", your baby can spend perfect time without separation from mother.
A thorough and respectful care of your baby, right by your side,
is done before you leave for home. 

Kangaroo care house


Postpartum care at Kangaroo care house includes

Postpartum care at Kangaroo care house includes

Before you leave with your adorable newborn,
we assure that you both are healthy, stable, and ready for the transition to home.

Cosy suites with Double or queen-size beds.

24 hour medical care right by your side.
English speaking staff

Breastfeeding support from certified lactation
consultants and lactation educator.

Continuous monitoring visit from pediatrician.

Healthy meal from the kitchen.

Hygienic care : we strictly restrict visitors
and take extra care of hygiene at the
Kangaroo care house.